Quality Policy

The senior management of KONAR undertakes to reduce the impact of risks* in all areas of the company’s activities, provides with resources and encourages each employee of the company to participate in implementation of the policy and in enhancement of efficiency of the quality management system in accordance with of ISO 9001 and API Q1 requirements.

KONAR is the largest specialized facility in Russia producing pipeline valves, flanges, fasteners, pipeline components and assemblies, pumps and pumping equipment, wellhead equipment and X-mas trees, package units and metal structures.

The target of KONAR is to completely satisfy customers’ requirements and expectations by producing quality and affordable products within the shortest possible time.

The main targets of KONAR in terms of quality are:

  • To retain and strengthen its position as a producer of high-quality products;
  • To design and produce new products;
  • To ensure high production rates;
  • To develop partnership relations;
  • To strengthen its standing as a reliable partner;
  • To gain stable profit in order to improve the company’s financial stability and the well-being of each employee.

Implementation of the main targets in terms of quality is achieved by way of the following:

  • Improving and developing the quality management system and ensuring its compliance with ISO 9001 and API Q1 requirements;
  • The senior management and division heads leading the way in quality improvement, continuously demonstrating by personal example a desire to improve quality, and involving the personnel in the quality management process;
  • Applying modern technologies, new equipment and production upgrade;
  • Constantly enhancing the product range of series production and producing new types of products;
  • Developing a dealer network in order to become closer to consumers;
  • Controlling product quality at all stages of production cycle, timely performing corrective and preventive measures;
  • Increasing the production culture;
  • Maintaining the required level of personnel competence through certification, re-training and professional improvement.

We appreciate:

  • Business partnership based on reliability, responsibility, stability, improvement, mutual confidence aimed at a mutual benefit.
  • Quality in everything: in production, dealing with customers and in our work, thus measuring the degree of our success.
  • Professional competence, honesty, sociability in work with customers, in relationships with each other.
  • Image and established standing of the company as an industrial leader.